She Told Me to Head to the Sea: A Children's Book | Vaevae Chan
She Told Me to Head to the Sea: A Children's Book | Vaevae Chan

She Told Me to Head to the Sea: A Children's Book | Vaevae Chan

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By Vaevae Chan | Illustrated by Kensa Hung
Language: English
Hard cover | 44pp | 241 x 192mm

Edition of 400

Between 2018-2021, Vaevae Chan built a place to hide away. Seeking catharsis from grief and internal conflict as a result of personal and political circumstances, she decided to isolate herself in a self-made cave in a San Po Kong industrial building. The result of this period is an immersive installation and exhibition space that drew visitors into the artist’s space of inner transformation. 

This book commemorates the excavation of the Juen Juen Gung Cave and its inaugural exhibition "She Told Me to Head to the Sea". The artist looks back and analyses how bereavement is overcome, retelling her episode of PTSD in the form of a naive children's tale.

•⁠  ⁠Viewing link to video shown at the exhibition
•⁠  ⁠Photographs documenting the making of the Cave.
•⁠  ⁠Contributions by Nicole Martin Nepomuceno, Charles Fong, Alice dos Reis and Lily Chan.

精裝本 | 44pp | 241 x 192mm


本書紀念了轉轉貢洞穴的鑽挖過程,以及其首個展覽「She Told Me to Head to the Sea」。藝術家回顧並分析自己如何克服悲傷,以兒童故事的形式重新演繹自己面對創傷後壓力症的經歷。

•⁠ ⁠觀賞展覽中影片作品的網站連結
•⁠ 藝術家建造「洞穴」的相片紀錄
•⁠ Nicole Martin Nepomuceno、Charles Fong、Alice dos Reis及Lily Chan的文字紀錄

Vaevae Chan a.k.a (@dustflyfly) is an artist based in Hong Kong. Her installations are often the compulsive assemblage of experiences, incubated and contained in a highly scenic environment. She also runs Juen Juen Gung (@juenjuengung), an artist-run space in Hong Kong, where self-organised exhibits and collaborations are manifest.

藝術家陳飛飛(@dustflyfly)目前工作及居於香港。她的裝置作品往往將引人入勝的經歷聚集,孵化且承載著極戲劇化的環境。她目前正經營「轉轉貢」 (@jeunjuengung),一個設於香港、由藝術家自主營運的藝術空間,進行獨立策展和合作項目。