Power Naps Post 《叉電報》

Power Naps Post 《叉電報》

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This printed edition of 'Power Naps Post' consists of a selection from its two online issues released in June and August this year on our website. All contributions are new or unpublished writings, except for two reprints, and they may extend past the views and positions of Para Site. The paper used for printing carries marks from oxidation experiments—a design element conceived by Geoff Han and Immanuel Yang. These marks were made directly on aluminum thermal CTP printing plates, which were then transferred onto paper.

The project, edited by Wing Chan and featuring photography by South Ho, served as an atmospheric intervention in the exhibition series ‘signals…瞬息’ (18 March–29 September 2023) curated by Billy Tang and Celia Ho. 'Power Naps Post' is available by donation with a suggested price of HKD150.

《叉電報》的實體出版物收錄了部分本年六月和八月網上試版的內容。除了兩篇翻印,其他所有的文字創作均為新作或未經出版的作品。它們的觀點可能會超越 Para Site藝術空間的觀點和立場。設計師韓穎加與Immanuel Yang為本書所採用的紙張帶有氧化反應的痕跡——這些痕跡在鋁製熱敏CTP印版上直接製造,然後轉移印刷到紙張上。



C&G Artpartment (Clara Cheung & Gum, Cheung Yee Man)
Lesley-Anne Cao
Wing Chan 陳穎華
Lyra Garcellano
South Ho 何兆南
A.X. Ledesma
Eileen Legaspi Ramirez
Di Liu 文的
Lani Maestro
Dominique Malaquais
Arianna Mercado
Cédrick Nzolo
Michelle Wong 黃湲婷