ChuanArt no.5 Sense of Sight | Things We Forget

ChuanArt no.5 Sense of Sight | Things We Forget

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ISBN: 978-987-86779-5-1
Language: English and Chinese
Soft cover|170x230 mm|86pp

"ChuanArt" is an independent art publication that draws inspiration from the five human senses to create engaging stories. Each issue explores a specific sense, and features a mix of mediums such as painting, photography, installation, text, music, architecture, film, food, travel, and people.

This issue, Things We Forget, exclusively includes artistic collaborations between illustrator Chuen Tz Wang and his son Yan Ren, as well as records produced by editor-in-chief Hsiangju Hung.

About ChuanArt

Founded in 2011, ChuanArt was formed by Taiwanese artists who met in New York City. Through the independent publications, ChuanArt explores the different sensual experiences and collects moving stories from creators all over the world. In addition, ChuanArt hosts workshops, discussions, and exhibitions to reach a wider audience.

Publisher: Chuan Art Studio
Editors: HUNG Hsiang Ju, I-Hua LEE
Designers: HUNG Hsiang Ju, Xing-Mei WU
Contributors: HUANG Xiaomi, CHEN Yu-Ching
Translator: Chun-hui CHAN


ISBN: 978-987-86779-5-1
平裝版|170x230 mm|86pp



設計 : 洪湘茹、吳欣鎂
主筆  : 黃小米、 陳育青
翻譯 : 詹淳惠