ChuanArt no.4 Sense of Taste | Eat Life Up

ChuanArt no.4 Sense of Taste | Eat Life Up

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ISBN: 978-986-86779-4-4
Language: English and Chinese
Soft cover|170x230 mm|80pp

In Eat Life Up, we examine our daily eating habits through the lens of life and death, questioning whether the consumption of other creatures truly signifies the end of their existence. Could it be that when we consume the dead, they are reborn through us?

This issue delves into the concept of taste and how it relates to the cycle of life, exploring the act of eating in a  romantic, and intimate manner.

About ChuanArt

Founded in 2011, ChuanArt was formed by Taiwanese artists who met in New York City. Through the independent publications, ChuanArt explores the different sensual experiences and collects moving stories from creators all over the world. In addition, ChuanArt hosts workshops, discussions, and exhibitions to reach a wider audience.

Publisher: Chuan Art Studio
Editors: HUNG Hsiang Ju, I-Hua LEE
Designer: HUNG Hsiang Ju
Contributors: HUANG Xiaomi, CHEN Orange, Ruby LIANG
Translators: Chun-hui CHAN, Athena CHEN



ISBN: 978-986-86779-4-4
平裝版|170x230 mm|80pp



船的工作室」成立於2011年,創辦人皆是在紐約認識的台灣藝術家,藉由獨立出版《船的創作誌》 ,以紙上展覽的方式,航行穿梭不同感官與領域,搜集世界各地動人的創作故事,並透過工作坊、分享會與展覽,將這些靈感傳遞給更多的人。

設計 : 洪湘茹
主筆  : 梁碧茹黃小米 陳郁文
翻譯 : 詹淳惠 陳瑋璞