Chuan Art Special Issue Sense of Illusion | Mirage
Chuan Art Special Issue Sense of Illusion | Mirage

Chuan Art Special Issue Sense of Illusion | Mirage

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ISBN: 978-987-86779-1-3
Language: English and Chinese
Hard cover|Handbound|170x230 mm|56pp

Mirage, created by ChuanArt, utilizes the five human sensory perceptions as a storytelling medium. Illusion is the theme of this special edition issue that follows the previous issues featuring the exploration of touch, smell and sound. This issue uncovers the unique aspects of illusions. 

Illusions can make anything beautiful–they are projections of inner desire and can signify one’s own wishful thinking. However, as good as those desires might be, turning them into reality may not lead to the best results–for example, construction projects can be developed through desire, but it leads to detrimental environmental impacts. Every day, the world is creating illusory dreams, building false mirages of the world.

About ChuanArt

Founded in 2011, ChuanArt was formed by Taiwanese artists who met in New York City. Through the independent publications, ChuanArt explores the different sensual experiences and collects moving stories from creators all over the world. In addition, ChuanArt hosts workshops, discussions, and exhibitions to reach a wider audience.

Publisher: Chuan Art Studio
Editors: HUNG Hsiang Ju, I-Hua LEE
Designers: HUNG Hsiang Ju
Bookbinding: Shin-Yi LIN
Translator: Chun-hui CHAN



ISBN: 978-987-86779-1-3
精裝版|手工裝訂|170x230 mm|56pp



主編 洪湘茹 李依樺  
設計 : 洪湘茹 
裝幀設計 林欣誼 
翻譯 : 詹淳惠