Chuan Art No.3  Sense of Hearing | One Ear In, Out the Other, The Unheard Voices

Chuan Art No.3 Sense of Hearing | One Ear In, Out the Other, The Unheard Voices

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ISBN: 978-986-86779-2-0
Language: English and Chinese
Soft cover|170x230 mm|96pp

As soon as I flipped through the pages of this book, sounds unheard of escaped its confines. 

This issue includes an assortment of fascinating records: sounds documented during a year's journey; scores of ocean waves crashing captured by Golden Horse Award winning sound editor Duu-Chih Tu; insect sounds collected by U.S.-based moving image director Keng-Ming Liu; the theme song finally heard by Cop 663 in the movie “ChungKing Express”; works of sound art exchanged between Koki Tanaka and Su Yu-Hsien; and frequency only teenagers can hear.

About ChuanArt

Founded in 2011, ChuanArt was formed by Taiwanese artists who met in New York City. Through the independent publications, ChuanArt explores the different sensual experiences and collects moving stories from creators all over the world. In addition, ChuanArt hosts workshops, discussions, and exhibitions to reach a wider audience.

Publisher: Chuan Art Studio
Editors: HUNG Hsiang Ju, I-Hua LEE
Designer: HUNG Hsiang Ju
Contributors: Lesley MA, Shinyih TSAI, Shui Jou WU, Ruby LIANG, HUANG Xiaomi
Translators: Chun-hui CHAN, Ya-Ling CHAO


ISBN: 978-986-86779-2-0
平裝版|170x230 mm|96pp


一張記錄一年行走足跡的唱片、金馬獎得主杜篤之採集的數百種海浪聲、旅美動態影像導演劉耕名深愛的昆蟲叫聲、重慶森林裡 663 終於聽見的主題曲、藝術家田中功起和蘇育賢互聽彼此創作的聲音、只有青少年才聽得到的刺耳頻率⋯⋯這些聲音全部都在這裡面。


設計 : 洪湘茹
主筆  : 梁碧茹、黃小米、 陳郁文
翻譯 : 詹淳惠 、陳瑋璞