PS.Edition | Pak Sheung Chuen

PS.Edition | Pak Sheung Chuen

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Pak Sheung Chuen
Sacred Object (No. DCCC901-16 # 12):
The Person Walking with His Head Covered
DCCC901-16#12/170616(11:49- 1:56)/DC(WK)/J:KWK/P:HKSAR/ D:MJT-XXX- CCH-HKS-FTH-CWC- TKC-LCH- LWW-YCF- XXX/Riot

Edition of 12
45 x 10 x 3 cm
Courtesy of the artist

Pak Sheung Chuen (b.1977, Fujian province, China) is one of Hong Kong’s most respected artists. This special edition is a new work produced by Pak for his exhibition at Para Site, 2017, based on an automatic drawing he made in a courtroom during the trials of political activists prosecuted by the government in the wake of the Mong Kok Riots. 

By coincidence, Pak saw a defendant in Case No. DCC901-16 on the street in Hong Kong on the eve of his trial. Pak decided to follow the defendant and his friend to a restaurant, without them noticing. During the trial the following day, Pak tried to conceal himself from the defendant, so as not to be recognised from the night before. During the trial, Pak made an automatic drawing, which he later interpreted as a person walking with his head covered, an indirect response to the experience he had on the eve of the trial and at the trial itself. This cast iron edition is the person from this drawing, whom Pak closely identifies with. 

This work bears the serial number DCCC901-16#12/170616(11:49-1:56)/DC(WK)/J:KWK/P:HKSAR/ D:MJT-XXX- CCH-HKS- FTH-CWC- TKC-LCH- LWW-YCF-XXX/Riot. These codes were created by Pak for the works in his exhibition at Para Site, enabling him to reference many specifics of the court case in each work’s title.